item stat changes (not a wishlist)

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item stat changes (not a wishlist)

Postby greennub » Fri Jun 19, 2015 3:40 pm

what if item stats was changed in away that was logical, I got a basic idea but see if people can throw in some tweaks, basic idea is weapons such as swords, only provide damage nothing else, arrows and bows give damage and only weapons to give accuracy, lunar be changed to where you need to be a archer to wear it and it only gives EVA and accuracy, helms only give Def and maybe HP, wings only give EVA, boots only give def and eva, armor only provides def, solar could be a special armor for rogues where it give acc and def and hp, mages ROS and ROD be mage or priest robes they give good amounts of int and wis and eva and tp. got any ideas to add to this feel free.
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